Network Setup or Repairs




Do you need networking services for your Home or small Business?

D7Logic offers networking services for home and business. Whether you need a simple network for your home or office to share printers and Internet connection, Diagnose, fault-tolerant and secure setup for your business, we can help to build up network for your home and office from scratch.

Today’s small office / home office / Big Office networking products are made so that anyone can plug one in and get a simple network up and running. But, when it comes to professional networking, firewall, securities and etc. Simple products have not been designed such a way to protect your network environment. So many products can be purchased to start with basic networking, which have almost no security feature in their. We look after your system security and take it very seriously so no one can break the security and steal your information.

Once you are connected to the network make sure no one can access your data or use your shared Internet service without your knowledge or consent is your own responsibility. If anyone uses your internet and do some illegal activities online, you will be accountable for that.

Networking Setup & Support Services

  • Hubs & Switches
  • Router Configuration
  • Network Cabling
  • Wall Jacks / Panelling
  • Network Security Testing
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

Internet & Wi-Fi Problems

D7Logic is very quick in response to fix internet broadband, Printing or scanning problem at home or office same day. Internet has become one of the important and basic reason we use our Computers, Laptops and etc. It can be frustrating disruption to our daily routine if we lose connection, slow speed, limited or no connectivity. If your business rely on the internet for “Online data base” or “Telecommuting” to work, a bad internet connection can cost you money and time.

An internet browser can contract many different items like, add-ons, tool bars, it can bring in cookies, pop ups and viruses. We can optimize your browser for speed, efficiency and safety, giving you peace of mind, while surfing the web. These days there are a choice of browsers we can also offer advice on the advantages and disadvantages of the different options available.

Many problems can be resolved on the phone but if problem seems tricky, then for your peace of mind our engineer will come to you to fix the issue on your convenient day and time.

Wireless Setup

Would you like to work from the garden on your laptop? But don’t have a clue about setting up a wireless network in your home? Not to worry, we will help! We will visit your home and install your wireless router, configure the settings, username and password, and setup protection to stop neighbours or unwanted guests using your connection. We will also give you advice on what to do if you ever lose your Internet connection.

Wireless network stopped working or just isn’t reliable?

If you have an existing network and it’s been poor and unreliable or you can’t get it to work we can fix this for you. We can offer a solution often without the need to replace or change your existing equipment, incorrect setup or settings is the biggest common factor with wifi issues.