Labour Charges ONLY

Our Price List

Desktop PC RepairPrice
Desktop Motherboard / Mainboard Replacement£59
Desktop CPU (Central Processing Unit) + Thermal Paste£29
Desktop CPU Cooler (Fan) + New Thermal Paste£29
Desktop Graphics Card Replacement + Driver£29
Desktop Memory RAM Replacement / Upgrade£10
Desktop PSU Replacement (Power Supply Unit)£29
Desktop Hard Drive Replacement (Incl. Format)£25
Desktop M.2 / NVMe Installation / Replacement£19
Desktop CD / DVD Drive Replacement£19
Desktop PCI-E Adapters / Cards including Driver£29
Desktop BIOS / CMOS Battery Replacement incl. Battery£9
Desktop Chassis FAN Installation / Replacement£19
Desktop PC Cable Management£29
Gaming / High-End Desktop PCPrice
Gaming PC Motherboard Replacement£79
Gaming PC PSU Replacement£59
Gaming PC Chassis FAN Installation / Replacement£29
Gaming PC AIO CPU Cooler Installation / Replacement£69
Gaming PC Cable Management£39
Data Security & ProtectionPrice
Safe Secure Data Wipe (HDD/SSD)£29
Data Back up / Transfer (up to 1 TB)£39
Data Recovery on HDD / SSD / RAID Drives (up to 1 TB)£89
OS Clone from one Hard Drive to another£59
Virus / Malware / Trojan Removal£49
Operating Systems (OS) AssistancePrice
Windows OS Installation + Drivers£49
OS Installation on Virtual Machine£49
Windows Upgrade£39
Windows Fixes / Updates£34
Windows Optimisation£34
Device Initial Setup (Windows)£29
MAC/Linux OS Installation£49
Windows Drivers / Driver Updates£19
Installing Software (Up to 2)£15
Email Account Setup & Configuration£19
Multiple OS Boot Installation£69
Peripheral & DevicesPrice
Printer / Scanner / Fax Installation£19
Monitor CRC / TFT / LCD Setup£19
Desktop / Laptop to TV Setup£19
Desktop / Laptop to Projector Setup£19
External Hard Drive Setup£19
Gaming Controller Setup£19
Wi-Fi Keyboard & Mouse Setup£19
Headset / Microphone Setup£19
Custom PC BuildsPrice
Custom PC Build (Standard / Home Computer)£59
Custom PC Build (Gaming / High-End Computer)£99
Custom PC Build (Server Tower)£109
Custom PC Build (Server Rack)£119
Custom Liquid Cooling (Soft Tubing)Price
SOFT – Liquid Cooling Loop Setup (Pump/Res + CPU Block)£99
SOFT – Liquid Cooling Setup (Pump/Res + CPU & GPU Block)£169
Installation of Pre-Fitted GPU Block to an existing soft Loop£89
Installation of GPU & Block to an existing soft Loop£119
Custom Liquid Cooling (Hard Tubing)Price
HARD – Liquid Cooling Loop Setup (Pump/Res + CPU Block)£399
HARD – Liquid Cooling Setup (Pump/Res + CPU & GPU Block)£499
Installation of Pre-Fitted GPU Block to an existing hard Loop£199
Installation of GPU & Block to an existing hard Loop£249
Custom Liquid Cooling Maintenance (All Tubing)Price
Liquid Cooling Coolant Replacement (Pre-Mixed)£79
Radiator Replacement in Custom Liquid Cooled PC£129
Radiator Fans Replacement in Custom Liquid Cooled PC£129
CPU Replacement in Custom Liquid Cooled PC£129
GPU Replacement in Custom Liquid Cooled PC£149
Motherboard Replacement in Custom Liquid Cooled PC£179
PSU & Cable Replacement in Custom Liquid Cooled PC£129
Pump Replacement in Custom Liquid Cooled PC£129
Extensive Cleaning of Liquid Cooled PC + CPU Block only£129
Extensive Cleaning of Liquid Cooled PC + GPU Block only£139
Extensive Cleaning of Liquid Cooled PC + CPU & GPU Blocks£199
Laptop RepairsPrice
Laptop Jack Replacement£49
Laptop Screen / Panel Replacement£49
Laptop Standard Keyboard Replacement£29
Laptop Chiclet Keyboard Replacement£79
Laptop Motherboard Replacement£69
Laptop Chassis / Hinge Replacement£59
Laptop Screen Cable Replacement£59
Laptop Wi-Fi / BT Card Replacement£29
Laptop HDD / SSD / RAM Replacement (Rear Access)£10
Laptop HDD / SSD / RAM Replacement (Non-Rear Access)£29
Laptop M.2 / NVMe Replacement£29
Laptop Non-External Battery Replacement£39
Laptop BIOS / CMOS Battery Replacement£29
Gaming / High-End Laptop RepairsPrice
Gaming Laptop Screen / Panel Replacement£59
Gaming Laptop Screen Cable Replacement£69
Gaming Laptop Motherboard Replacement£79
Gaming Laptop Chiclet Keyboard Replacement£99
Gaming Laptop Chassis / Hinge Replacement£79
System Cleaning (Hardware)Price
Desktop PC Cleaning + Thermal Paste£39
Gaming Desktop PC Cleaning + Thermal Paste£49
Laptop Cleaning + Thermal Paste£49
Gaming Laptop Cleaning + Thermal Paste£59
Desktop Graphics Card Cleaning + Thermal Paste£59
Broadband / Network / InternetPrice
Modem/Router Installation£39
Modem/Router (Adv.) Configuration£19
Network Cable Patching£19
Home Network Installation/Setup£39
Business Network Installation/Setup£79
Network/Internet Connectivity Issue£10
Wireless Set-Up + Configuration£29
Business Wi-Fi Setup£59
CCTV Configuration£59
Switch Installation + Configuration£29
NAS Installation + Setup£49
Investigate an Issue / DiagnosticsPrice
Device not turning on£20
Screen Blank / Blue Screen£20
Loud Noise / Beep Sounds£20
Random Reboot / Shutting down£20
Automatic Repair Dialogue / Start-up Issue£20
Running Slow / Overheating£20
Power / Not Charging£20
Other Issues£20
Web Services & DesignsPrice
Web Design & Development (Bronze Pack)£399
Web Design & Development (Silver Pack)£899
Web Design & Development (Gold Pack)£1499
Web Design & Development (Platinum Pack)£1999
Website Maintenance / Updates (One-Off)£39
Basic Web Script Installation£59
Web Script Installation + Custom Configuration£99
Web Invoice / Booking System / CRM Script Installation£179
Web E-Commerce / Shop Script Setup£199
SSL Installation£29
Web Hosting / Domain Initial Setup£29
Domain Email Configuration£29
Website / Domain Transfer£69
Content Delivery Network (CDN) Setup£59
Custom Mail Server Setup + Config£59
Hourly Charged Services (£ /hr)Price
Buying a computer in the shops/online£15
Buying accessories/parts in the shop/online£15
Tutorial – Windows OS£15
Apps Support (i.e. Word, Skype)£15
Web Support (i.e. eBay, Amazon)£15
Remote Support (e.g. Team Viewer)£19
Bundle Offers / Discounted PackagesPrice
Please contact us for more information£ –
D7Logic Service IncludesDesktopLaptop
Certified & Qualified Engineer
Labour / On-site repair / 24-hour-fix
Collection & Delivery within 3 miles (£15 fee applies)
30 Days Warranty (Parts sold directly by us)
Genuine Software Licenses
Spare Parts (e.g. SSDs)
Same-Day Repair & Delivery
Fast Diagnostic & Advice

Price List Updated – 13th March 2023

Onsite repair services have a £15.00 extra charge on top of the price.
Charges may vary if the location is outside our service area range. Please contact us on 07713 907663 to get accurate pricing details.
Any pricing or services not included above can be further discussed with us.

We are not liable for third-party / unofficial parts you have purchased which could potentially lead to an issue with your device.
To avoid compatibility issues and delays, we will always discuss the options for a replacement part with you and will send a couple of links where you could purchase it from.

Please note, we will charge a diagnostic fee of £20.00, which will be deducted if you proceed with the repair.